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12. Self-Evaluation and Monitoring

Centres and services generally review their programmes and courses by way of an end of course evaluation. These end of course evaluations consider both staff and learner feedback, and provide an opportunity to review assessment requirements, assessment methods, resource availability and suitability, industry links, work placement outcomes and other aspects of course delivery, and where necessary propose course/programme improvements for future delivery.

Currently, courses are generally monitored at centre or service level by local management. This allows issues to be identified quickly and to be acted upon, and further supports to be put into place, should these be necessary. Internal Verification processes provide an opportunity to monitor the assessment processes, while the External Authentication and the Results Approval Panel (RAP) meeting provide opportunities for the monitoring of results and issues arising from that particular assessment period.

RAP reports are reviewed in collated form by the QA Steering Group, which facilitates the identification of long-term trends.

A system for cross centre external monitoring was piloted across a number of centres to determine the effectiveness of the revised assessment procedures introduced for the academic year 2017-2018. This monitoring pilot will be sued to structure a more extensive system for monitoring centres and services within CETB.


In 2018, as part of the process of formalising arrangements with QQI, CETB completed an Executive Self-Evaluation of the entire organisation. The report, setting out the findings of that Executive Self Evaluation, and the Quality Improvement and Development Plan which emerged from its findings, are available here.


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