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Quality Assurance in CETB’s Further Education and Training Services

Cork Education and Training Board (CETB) is committed to developing a culture of quality, and ensuring that learners participating in a programme of Further Education and Training enjoys a quality assured experience.  The sections below, and their associated links, provide more information on CETB’s approach and developments related to Quality Assurance.

1. Legacy Quality Assurance Policies

CETB is a statutory body, established under the Education and Training Boards Act (2013) with responsibility for the provision, amongst other services, of Further Education and Training across Cork city and County. Under The Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012, revised 2014, CETB is recognised as provider of Further Education and Training programmes, and is required under the Act, to have in place agreed Quality Assurance policies and procedures.

Following the amalgamation of the City of Cork VEC, County Cork VEC and the former SOLAS training services in the region, CETB Further Education and Training services have been operating under three legacy Quality Assurance (QA) agreements with QQI, is in the process of developing new integrated Quality Assurance policies and procedures for the organisation. 

For QA policies and procedures specific to each CETB Further Education and Training centre under the legacy agreements, please contact the centre in question directly. Contact details are available from

For more information on the three legacy QA agreements, please click here 

2. Quality Assurance Development

For more information on how CETB is progressing with its development of new quality assurance policies and procedures that will apply to all of its centres please click here 

3. Revised Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures

 For a complete list of all revised and newly developed CETB QA policies and procedures which are applicable to all CETB centres, please click here

Please note that this page will be updated regularly as new policies and procedures are developed and approved. CETB staff should reference the QA SharePoint site for all QA resources.

4. Governance and Management of Quality Assurance

 If you are looking for more information about CETB’s current structures for the governance and management of Quality Assurance in Further Education and Training, please click here

5. Quality Assurance Roles and Responsibilities

 If you are interested in information on roles and responsibilities within Cork ETB as applicable to Quality Assurance, please click here

6. Programme Design and Approval

 If you require more information about CETB’s quality assured programme development and approval processes, please click here

7. Quality Assuring the Assessment Process

 For more information on the Quality Assurance processes underpinning assessment in CETB centres and Further Education and Training services, please click here

8. The CETB Learner Experience

 If you would like to know more about the quality assurance procedures underpinning the learners’ experience while partaking in a programme in CETBplease click here

9. CETB Staff Recruitment and Professional Development

 For more information about staff recruitment and professional development within CETB, please click here

10. Learner Supports

 If you would like more information on the supports that may be available to learners or trainees, please click here

11. Information Management

 To find out more about CETB’s approach to information management, please click here

12. Self-Evaluation and Monitoring

 For more information on CETB’s approach to self-evaluation and monitoring, please click here

13. Engagement with Stakeholders and other bodies

 For information on CETB’s engagement with stakeholders, please click here

14. Provision and Use of Public Information

 For more information on CETB’s approach to the provision and use of public information, please click here 


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